Sunday, June 24, 2007

Books on Remote Sensing & GIS

There are many books available on remote sensing and GIS. Here is brief introduction of some of these books which are useful for learning and understanding basics of remote sensing and GIS.

Title: Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
T.M. Lillesand and R.W. Kiefer
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York

A must have. One of the best books on Remote Sensing highly recommended for beginners. Good reference material for experts also. All the aspects of remote sensing and image interpretation are discussed in details with all fundamental concepts.

Title: Remote Sensing of the Environment: An Earth Resource Perspective

John R Jensen
Pearson Education, Inc.

This book contains thirteen chapters. Basic principals of remote sensing for environment are discussed in depth. There are separate chapters for visual image interpretation, aerial photography and photogrammetry.

Title: Introduction to Remote Sensing
James B. Cambell
Taylor & Francis

Another good book on remote sensing fundamentals and basics.

Title: Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective
John R Jensen
Prentice Hall, New Jersey

Another good work from John R. Jensen. This book is a must for learning image processing of digital satellite images.

Title: Principles of Geographical Information System for Land Resource Assessment
P.A. Burrough
Oxford University Press

This is a fundamental book for understanding basic concepts of GIS.

Title: Geographical Information System
Volume I:
Principal and Technical Issues
Volume II: Management Issues and Applications
Edited by
P.A. Longley, M.F. Goodchild, D.J. Manguire, D.W. Rhino
John Wiley & Sons

These two volumes contain chapters on principles, management and applications of GIS. A number of experts contributed in these to discuss and unfold various aspects of GIS and its applications in detail.

Title: The GIS Book
George B Korte
On Word Press, Thomson Learning, Inc.

What this book offers to you is written on its cover page itself- “How to implement, manage and assess the value of Geographical Information System".

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tom Barnes said...

Hi, thank you for your recommendations. You may also be interested in reading about satellite image interpretation in here