Friday, April 3, 2009

Selecting Right GPS

Selection of GPS is solely depends on user requirement and of course, availability of funds. There are numerous models of GPS available in market and there prices vary according to functions, features and accuracy of measurement.

Most of the basic handheld GPS provides facility to store limited number of waypoints (for example a Garmin60 handheld GPS can store up to 512 waypoints), tracks and routes. Most of these instruments display information like vehicle speed, distance traveled, positions of satellites, quality of satellite signals, direction of North, coordinates (x,y and z) and time. Apart from all these features, one must also ensure following important things before purchasing a GPS instrument-

User-friendly- A good GPS instruments should be user-friendly so that anybody should be able to operate, at least its basic functions, with ease. For example- One should be able to record a waypoint just by 2-3 clicks of keys.

Interface- As now a days USB is almost become universally used interface, one should ensure that the GPS instrument must have provisions for both COM port and USB connectivity.

Ruggedness- GPS is completely field-based outdoor instrument and it is widely-used in variety of field condition like tough terrains, various climatic conditions (extreme summers, winters, rains etc.) and dust. One should always ensure that it should be rugged enough to operate properly in such conditions.

Accuracy- Most of the handheld GPS provides positional accuracy in the range of 5-15 m. The cost of instrument increases with the enhancement in the accuracy.

Troubleshooting & Technical Assistance- Before purchasing GPS instrument of a particular brand one must ensure that technical executives of that GPS company are available and accessible with ease to you so that, incase, the instrument doesn’t work properly one can contact them immediately to save valuable time on field.


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pankaj said...

Hi was a very nice article abt the use of selection of right kind of GPS instrument for the survey...Can u let's us know some more instruments that r available in the market with their features and cost...