Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things to Remember while Starting GPS Survey

Before leaving for field work always check whether your GPS instrument is working properly.

If there are waypoints and tracks are stored in the GPS instrument during previous survey then it is advisable to download them on your computer system and then erase them from the GPS. In this manner you will have maximum space available to store waypoints etc. for the new survey.

Always carry user manual and technical help guides of your GPS instrument with you.

Always ensure to carry an extra pair fully charged rechargeable batteries (and of course don’t forget to carry battery charger!).

Please do not start survey immediately after switching on the instrument. Wait till the GPS starts displaying x & y positions and positional accuracy in stable manner (i.e. till these values stops fluctuating rigorously).

Always check the page which displays signal strength and number of satellites available.

During GPS survey avoid recording points below trees, high rise buildings and other obstructions as they weakens the signal strength hence decrease the accuracy. Some times such obstructions in may break the signals completely.

If you are recording waypoints/tracks while navigating in a vehicle it is advisable to use external antenna connected to your GPS (rather than carrying the instrument in your hand and keeping it outside the window of the vehicle which is not only dangerous but tiring also).

At the end of the day always ensure for availability of sufficient space in the instrument for the storing waypoints/tracks for the next days’ survey.

Although most of GPS instruments are rugged, try to avoid any kind of mishandling and carelessness.

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